DAY Elevator & Lift offers a wide range of convenient accessibility solutions for its clients in New York and New Jersey. We are an elevator company committed to delivering top quality products and our inventory includes exclusive elevator models from leading manufacturers like Savaria, Federal Elevator and Cambridge Elevating.

For more information about the different elevator models and other accessibility options we offer, call 1-800-758-5438 or send an email to sales@dayelevator.com. You can also request a Free Consultation online.

Residential and Commercial Elevators

with Top-class Safety Features

Our collection includes premium quality elevator models for both residential and commercial applications with top-class safety features. The residential elevators we supply also feature easy-to-use controls and several customization options. Whether you are looking for a luxury home elevator or an economical model designed to save space, you can find it at DAY. The LULA elevators we supply are ideal for low-rise buildings.

The home elevators and commercial elevators that DAY Elevator & Lift distributes include:

Savaria Residential Elevators

The Infinity luxury home elevator, with its precision hydraulic drive system, is the ultimate in convenience and safety. Easily installed and customizable, this elevator is also a great option for transporting goods between floors.

Eclipse ElevatorEclipse
The Eclipse residential elevator is dependable and easy to maintain. This compact elevator does not need a machine room. Its modular rail design and customization options facilitate easy installation in new or existing homes.

Telecab ElevatorTelecab
The Telecab is an economical home elevator that is designed to maximize your living space. This two-stop elevator does not need a hoistway and is quickly installed. Its modern design blends easily with your home décor.

Gearless Home ElevatorGearless home elevator
Savaria Gearless home elevator is an environment-friendly option that perfectly blends quality and style. This model works on gearless traction technology, and can resolve accessibility barriers in residences. .

Savaria Commercial Elevators

Orion LULA ElevatorOrion
An affordable, low-rise LU/LA elevator system, the Orion is ideal for public and residential buildings with up to three floors. Offering smooth and quiet operation, it comes with a large cab and optional two-speed sliding doors.

More About Savaria Elevators

Federal Elevator - Residential Elevators

Renaissance ElevatorRenaissance
A premium quality elevator with an advanced hydraulic system, the Renaissance features a strong and durable construction. It comes with many custom features to meet the needs of individual lifestyles.

Panorama ElevatorPanorama
A standard residential elevator, the Panorama is ideal for multilevel homes and offers smooth, quiet and reliable operation. This space-saving elevator can be customized to suit your personal taste, whether traditional or ultramodern.

Federal LULA Elevator

Serenus LULA ElevatorSerenus
The Serenus Limited Use/Limited Application elevator is the intelligent choice for low-rise buildings. Offering whisper-soft operation and transport to up to six stops, this LU/LA elevator comes with several car enclosure choices.

Cambridge Elevating - Residential Elevators

Designed to reflect your discerning taste and lifestyle, this residential elevator ensures safety and a comfortable ride between floors. This elevator comes with many features to match your interior schemes.

Featuring excellent performance, convenience and durability, Heritage elevator ensures seamless integration into any home. It comes with many advanced features, ensuring a great deal of independence for users.

Elmira is an economical and versatile choice blending reliability with style. This unit is designed to fit even the tightest floor plans. It comes in a vast array of design choices.

Cambridge Elevating - Commercial Elevators

Journey LULA elevator is designed to provide safe, reliable, smooth and quiet operation in schools, libraries, churches, multi-family housing or any low-rise commercial building.

We offer excellent customer support - right from product selection to installation and repair. You are also assured of quality post-sales support and timely maintenance when you buy your elevator from us.

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